Our trowel-ready mortar is BSI quality assured, manufactured to BS EN 998 and is normally retarded for 72 hours. It is available in a range of pigments and colours.

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We have a full range of coloured mortars, using pigments conforming to EN12878, which are guaranteed by the pigment manufacturer not to fade.

Ideal for:

  • All types of construction from very large housing developments to small extensions


As part of our service we provide and supply mortar skips to all our customer sites which are loaned free for the duration of the contract  These mortar skips are designed to hold 1/3 cubic metre, which is capable of laying approximately 500-600 bricks or 400 blocks.

Major Benefits Include:

  • Easy to use – how it adheres to the trowel
  • Easy to spread on the masonry unit
  • Easy to extrude between courses without excessive dropping or smearing so that wastage is kept to a minimum
  • Easy to position masonry units without the need for excessive movement
  • Remain stable once units have been positioned and begin to hydrate to allow speed of construction

For further information please call our sales hotlines:

01652 680 000

Product Information


1. Do I need to know what material I require?

No, not necessarily. Your builder or building inspector will advise in cases of poor ground conditions otherwise our sales/technical department will be able to suggest suitable concrete for your particular application. Guidance is also available on the web-site (Applications sheet).

2. How much concrete will I need?

For quantities required, the material calculator is available for guidance, alternatively our sales/technical department will be able to help.

3. What is a Slump?

The slump of the concrete refers to the material's consistency – how wet it is. Consistency is classified from S1 (0-40mm) through to S4 (160-220mm). The higher the value, the easier the material will be to work with.

4. How will I get the concrete from the truck?

This is very important. You will need to consider where in relation to the road, the concrete is to be placed. The truck mixers are fitted with chutes which extend 7-8ft from the centre of the truck. If the chutes are of insufficient length, you may need to wheelbarrow the concrete or hire a specialist concrete pump. As a guide, 1m3 of concrete equates to approximately 25 wheelbarrows. When considering man power it’s also worth noting that 1m3 weighs approximately 2.4Tonnes.

5. What size are the delivery trucks?

The size of the delivery mixer will depend on a number of factors including the quantity ordered, access to the site and site conditions. Guidance can be given by the sales office.

6. How do I lay the concrete?

For guidance on best practice in laying and curing concrete, please consult a member of our sales team. As a general rule, it is advised that concrete is placed within two hours of batching at the plant.


7. What will the price include?

The price given will be based on full, delivered loads including VAT. Consideration should be given to extra costs which may be incurred including part-load charges and waiting time where trucks are held on site in excess of 30 minutes.

Transport and Delivery

Ready-mixed concrete delivery method

Ready-mixed concrete is delivered in the following vehicle:

Ready-mixed concrete delivery method Ready-mixed concrete delivery method Ready-mixed concrete delivery method

8 Wheeer - Mixer, Gross Weight 32T, Carrying Capacity 20T

Customer Support

For further information please call your local sales office:

Hebrides: 01851 703227

Highlands: 01463 716889

Fife & Tayside: 01337 841989

North East Scotland: 01330 833361

Argyll: 01631 565128

Central Scotland: 01698 611016

South West Scotland & Cumbria: 01290 700777

North East England: 0191 6153378

Staffordshire, Shropshire & West Midlands: 01952 777910

South Cumbria & Lancashire: 01995 676156

North West England & Greater Manchester: 01942 441286

North Wales & Cheshire: 01978 788880

North / West Yorkshire: 01138 293006

South Yorkshire & North Derbyshire: 01302 944066

South Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Northamptonshire: 01332 694000

Humberside (concrete): 01472 351987

Lincolnshire: 01780 482000

East Anglia: 01603 673949

South West England: 01594 530208

South East England: 01245 913063

South Wales: 02920 486036

Powys & Shropshire: 01568 770521

Herefordshire & Gloucestershire: 01594 530208

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