Agricultural Asphalt Surfacing in Leicester

With our portfolio of specialist agricultural asphalt products, our agricultural asphalt surfacing contracting services understand the needs of a working farm and the farming industry. Our team of contracting specialists operate across Leicester and the surrounding areas.

Agricultural Asphalt Surfacing in Leicester

Industry leading agricultural asphalt surfacing contractors

Asphalt is used for a multitude of agricultural applications including cattle feed lots, poultry house floors, barn floors and greenhouse floors.  Asphalt has proven to be more resilient than concrete in silage bunker silos and storage pads as the acidity of the runoff may eat away the concrete surface.

  • Requires no formwork and is usable within 24 hours, allowing rapid use.
  • Can be laid in a continuous process, little shrinkage, minimising the need for joint formation.
  • Resistant to acid attack.
  • Not susceptible to frost
  • Reduced cost per m2 in comparison to most other construction materials.

Agricultural asphalt contracting services to help your budget stretch even further

With a huge portfolio of specialist aggregates, our own asphalt plants and agricultural asphalt surfacing contractors we challenge you to get a better combination of quality and value anywhere in the UK. With local contracting teams and operational hubs, plus a friendly helpful team ready to talk through your individual requirements – whether you are a small holding, a farm owner, a larger estater or building contractor, we speak your language.

Working with you begins with a no-obligation call to discuss your needs, specific project and individual requirements.

Our state-of-the-art plants are able to supply all sizes of contract from driveways to motorways. Our asphalt contracting services in the Midlands are quality assured and supply all standard materials complying with EN13108 (the European standard that replaced British Standards BS4987 and BS594). With a wide range of proprietary asphalt materials available to our Midlands contracting teams, you can rest assured they will have the right product for your application.

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