Breedon Lightweight Blocks

A range of high strength, robust, load bearing units for use in either internal or external walls.

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  • Available in solid format for ultimate versatility with a standard strength of7.3N/mm2
  • 10.4 N/mm2 blocks are available subject to order
  • Breedon Lightweight blocks are available in standard and paintgrade finishes for various applications and total flexibility
  • Quality assured manufacture
  • For use internally and externally both above and below dpc (7.3 and 10.4N/mm2 only)

Breedon Lightweight Blocks


Suitable for use above and below dpc both internally and externally.

Breedon Lightweight blocks are suitable for use in Robust Detail wall types E-WM-2, E-WM-19,
E-WM-20, E-WM-21, E-WM-22, E-WM-27, E-WM-28, E-WM-32 and E-WM-33.


Suitable for locations where the surface will not be seen, ie plastered or

Paintgrade (7.3 N/mm2)

Suitable for locations where a consistent close textured face is required, suitable for direct decoration (note only one face and one end guaranteed).

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