Breedon operates around 70 quarries in the UK and Ireland, which are leading producers and suppliers of bulk aggregates: crushed rock in a variety of grades, bagged aggregates, decorative aggregates and sand & gravel.

Operating throughout Scotland, central, eastern and northern England and Wales, our quarries produce crushed limestone, granite, basalt, sand & gravel for a variety of uses in the construction industry. 

We also supply high PSV (Polished Stone Value) stone, sub-base materials and sands for the road construction industry.

Our milled limes are widely used in the agricultural industry and we also produce a specialist sound insulation product, QuieTex.

Our quarry at Naunton, near Cheltenham, is also well known for its distinctive range of natural limestone products.

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Our Special Aggregates team produces a range of decorative aggregates, including our award-winning Breedon Golden Amber Gravel. Visit website

All our materials are quality-tested in state-of-the-art laboratories and can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

They are available for collection or delivery in a variety of forms.

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Crushed rock

We produce crushed rock in a variety of grades in England, Wales and Scotland. All our quarries sell aggregates in bulk and some also sell them bagged.

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High PSV Stone

Sources of high (+68) ‘polished stone value’ (PSV) aggregates are very scarce and our quarries in Scotland and Wales have some of the highest quality reserves in the country.

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Sand & gravel

We produce sand & gravel in a variety of grades.

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Decorative Aggregates

We offer a wide range of decorative aggregates to enhance any project from cottages to castles. Whether it’s striking or subtle, traditional or contemporary, we offer a solution that will suit your requirements.

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Recycled Aggregates

We are able to produce secondary aggregates – an alternative to natural aggregates made by processing waste materials to create recycled aggregates.

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White Limestone

White Limestone is available from our Dowlow Quarry in Buxton.

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Agricultural Lime

Agricultural lime is a fundamental ingredient in soil care, which farmers all over the world recognise as playing a crucial role in maximising their crop yields and hence their profitability.

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Breedon QuieTex

A granular mineral filler made from Dalriadan Calcitic Limestone which provides an excellent sound insulation between timber floor joists.

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Welsh Slate

Welsh Slate is the World's leading supplier of high-quality Welsh slate.

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Transport and Delivery

Bulk Aggregates and Sand & Gravel delivery methods

Aggregates, Sand and Gravel are delivered in the following vehicles:

Bulk Aggregates and Sand & Gravel delivery methods Bulk Aggregates and Sand & Gravel delivery methods Bulk Aggregates and Sand & Gravel delivery methods

4 Wheeler, Gross weight 18 T, Carrying Capacity, 11 T

6 Wheeler, Gross Weight 26 T, Carrying Capacity 16 T

8 Wheeler, Gross Weight 32 T, Carrying Capacity 20 T

Artic, Gross Weight 44T, Carrying Capacity 30T

Decorative Aggregates delivery methods

Decorative Aggregates are delivered in the following vehicles (and can also be delivered bagged):

<br/><br/>Decorative Aggregates delivery methods <br/><br/>Decorative Aggregates delivery methods <br/><br/>Decorative Aggregates delivery methods

4 Wheeler, Gross Weight 18T, Carrying Capacity 11T

6 Wheeler, Gross Weight 26 T, Carrying Capacity 16 T

8 Wheeler, Gross Weight 32 T, Carrying Capacity 20 T

Customer Support

For further information please call your local sales office:


Hebrides: 01851 703227

Highlands: 01343 862130

North East Scotland: 01330 833361

Argyll: 01631 565128

Fife & Tayside: 01337 841950

Central Scotland: 01698 611016

South West Scotland & Cumbria: 01290 700700

North East England: 0191 6153378


South Cumbria & Lancashire: 01995 676156

North & West Yorkshire: 01138 293006

North West, Greater Manchester & North Wales: 01942 441286

South Yorkshire & North Derbyshire: 01302 944066

Humber: 01472 351987

Staffordshire, Shropshire & West Midlands: 01952 777910

South Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Northamptonshire: 01332 694000

Lincolnshire: 01780 482000

East Anglia: 01603 673949

West Wales: 01554 776035

South Wales: 02920 486036

Powys & Shropshire: 01568 770521

Gloucestershire: 01594 530208

Cotswolds: 01451 850555

South West: 0117 225 3144

South East: 01245 913063

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