About us

Breedon Group plc is the largest independent construction materials group in the UK. We operate nearly 60 quarries, 27 asphalt plants, just under 200 ready-mixed concrete & mortar plants and three concrete block plants throughout England, Wales and Scotland, employing more than 2,100 people.

The group has strong asset backing, with over 750 million tonnes of mineral reserves and resources. Breedon’s strategy is to continue growing through consolidation of the UK heavyside building materials sector.

In August 2016 we completed our largest acquisition to date: the £336 million purchase of Hope Construction Materials, a leading independent producer of cement, cementitious products, aggregates and ready-mixed concrete. 

Following the acquisition of Hope, we operate as three autonomous divisions.  Breedon Southern and Breedon Northern are both fully-integrated aggregates businesses with extensive networks of quarries, ready-mixed concrete and asphalt plants and well-established surfacing & contracting operations.  Hope Cement is the UK's only independent producer of cement and cementitious products, with the largest cement plant in the UK and national reach through an extensive rail network and strategically located local depots.


Our associate company BEAR Scotland manages Scotland's North-West and North-East trunk road networks on behalf of Transport Scotland. We also hold a majority stake in traffic management services company Alba Traffic Management. Mobile Concrete Solutions (MCS), our joint venture with construction services company TSL, offers on-site concrete batching services anywhere in the country, specialising in projects in remote locations.




Our southern operations are headquartered at Breedon on the Hill near East Midlands Airport and employ around 950 people.

Breedon Southern operates 20 quarries, 9 asphalt plants and around 120 ready-mixed concrete and mortar plants, serving southern England, Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia and parts of northern England

Our southern surfacing & contracting business undertakes minor road surfacing projects as well as major infrastructure contracts, serving an area from the east coast to mid-Wales and from the M62 corridor to the South Midlands.


Our northern operations are headquartered in Dundee and employ around 900 people.

Breedon Northern operates 38 quarries, 18 asphalt plants, around 80 ready-mixed concrete plants and two concrete block plants, primarily supplying the north, west and east of Scotland (including the Hebrides) and parts of northern England. 

Our northern surfacing & contracting business operates throughout Scotland and the north of England, undertaking both minor road surfacing projects and major infrastructure contracts.


Hope Cement is headquartered at Hope's cement works in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire, and employs around 250 people. 

It operates the UK's largest cement plant by capacity, producing 1.5 millon tonnes of cement each year, supported by at least 20 years of limestone reserves.  Its four strategically-located rail-linked cement depots have more than a million tonnes of throughput capacity and its new state-of-the-art rail-linked facility at Dagenham produces a comprehensive range of packed cement products.

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