Breedon commits to GCCA 2050 Climate Ambition

Breedon joins world's leading cement and concrete companies to unveil joint-industry climate ambition.

1 September 2020

Breedon Group, a leading construction materials group in Great Britain and Ireland, joins forty of the world's leading cement and concrete companies today, to unveil a joint industry '2050 Climate Ambition.'

The ambition statement demonstrates the commitment of the industry across the globe to drive down the CO2 footprint of the world’s most used man-made product, with an aspiration to deliver society with carbon neutral concrete by 2050.  

Launched by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) on behalf of its member companies, the ambition statement represents a critical milestone for the industry. It is the first time it has come together globally to state a collective ambition for a carbon neutral future. The statement identifies the essential levers that will be required to achieving carbon neutral concrete, including: reducing and eliminating energy related emissions, reducing process emissions through new technologies and deployment of carbon capture, more efficient use of concrete, reuse and recycling of concrete and buildings, and harnessing concrete’s ability to absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Pat Ward, Breedon's group chief executive, commented: “Breedon is totally committed to being part of the journey to achieve net zero by 2050. With our products being used in long lasting infrastructure, we recognise the importance of preventing or mitigating any negative impacts and our aim is to make a positive contribution to the built environment now and for future generations. The journey to net zero is a really big challenge for all industries, not just ours, and can only be achieved if there’s a collective effort to drive the transition. It might not yet be clear exactly what technical solutions or product innovations will ultimately enable us to go beyond net zero, but by engaging with global bodies like the GCCA and by actively collaborating with industry colleagues and the scientific community to explore the potential use of low-carbon technologies like bioenergy; hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, we’re determined to make it happen.”

Donna Hunt, Head of Sustainability at Breedon Group, said: "Climate change is arguably the greatest environmental challenge facing the world right now.  To prevent the worst effects of climate change we need to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions in every sector within the next 50 years.  This is a really big challenge for every sector, not just ours, and we will need a collective effort, working across the industry and the whole supply chain to achieve this ambition. The demand for concrete is ever increasing as it is a key ingredient in creating resilient communities and in building sustainable infrastructure such as homes, roads, railways, ports, dams, power stations and more.  Whilst we’re already taking steps to reduce our emissions and increase the in-use benefit of our products in the UK and Ireland, by actively supporting the Global Cement and Concrete Industry’s Climate Ambition, Breedon joins the world’s leading cement and concrete companies in committing to drive down the CO2 footprint of the world’s most used man-made product."

Read the full GCCA press statement here.

More on the Climate Ambition 2050 and the 2050 Concrete Roadmap can be found on the GCCA website.

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